Saturday, March 29, 2014

Signs of Spring

Rio Grande Botanic Gardens

Today was a beautiful spring Saturday to go to
the Botanic Gardens.

The flowers in pots or planters were brilliant.

The planters along the grass were lined with Easter flowers.
They reminded me of how special early spring is!

Trees were starting to bloom and bud, too.

Heritage Farm

Sasebo Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden had the most beautiful trees
with blossoms that looked like paintings.

Some leaves were turning green,
and some buds are just about ready to blossom!

With the warm spring weather, flowers, a train exhibit,
and it being Saturday, the Botanic Garden
was a busy place to visit today.

I met several people. Several little girls asked about me.

 One "dude" even asked about me.
He wondered if my person had brought me,
or if I was already here.
My person laughed and said that I had come out to enjoy
the spring weather like everyone else.
People are funny!
Yeah..I just come here by myself and hang out
and the lady photographing me just found me here.

Do you see the nest?
I wonder if any birds are living here.

Has spring come to where you live,
or are you still waiting?

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  1. I am still waiting for Spring. Oh, it seemed like it was coming, and then tomorrow it's supposed to snow again. I worry about all the little flowers coming up everywhere. I hope they'll be okay. Thank you for sharing YOUR beautiful flowers, Mikayla. That way if mine get frozen, I can still enjoy yours.