Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Morning Close Ups-Turning 5

This week, for the 52 Weeks photo project, the topic is "close up".
I was eager to get my photo in,
but ended up taking several series of photos
Saturday morning as the sun was rising
and the light moved across my living room.

Then, I remembered the thought that had been on my mind this week,
which made my close-ups of Mikayla even more relevant to me.

Mikayla celebrated her 5th birthday on March 10th.
She arrived on March 10th, 2009.

Since her arrival, I changed her eyes, her face up was touched up, 
she is on her third wig,
she chipped her nose, and her resin has aged.

Photos taken shortly after her arrival; with her original Lati face up, wearing wig #1.

 Left: Photo taken June 22, 2009 with new face up, and wig #2
which is similar to her current wig, but was too thick

Right: Photo taken April 10, 2010, with wig #3 and attitude.

Although sometimes I miss the translucent tone of her resin
because it was a radiant neutral color
which made her look beautiful in almost any color,
the truth is that I often wished that I had spent the extra money
to get her in tan. 
How can I complain about her buttery resin?
Now she has aged by the sunlight as I somehow once wished she would.

During the past 5 years, I think we both have softened
with age and experience.
Overall, despite all the changes,
we both have continued to become more of ourselves.
She is still beautiful.

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  1. I think she's gotten prettier with age. I love the crocheted vest she's wearing in one of the photos. Did you make it? What type of doll is Mikayla? I know I used to know, but the mind isn't what it used to be for recalling things. Linda Knott

  2. Hi, Linda! The crocheted vest is from the Ann Estelle/Tonner Hippie Chick outfit. Mikayla is a Lati Green Coco in "normal" resin from 2009.