Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday at the Zoo

The calendar says that it is still winter,
but it was a beautiful Sunday to visit the zoo!

One polar played with a black plastic box.
He tossed it and dove after it again and again!

He looked happy!

It was fun to watch the polar bear having fun!

There is a train that runs around the park.

I watched it pass the giraffes.

The giraffe area has huts for look out stations!

The elephants are near the giraffes.
They have a new baby Asian Elephant,
but her sister and mother were very protective of her! 

I heard the gates open, and they went inside.

The amphibian exhibit was closed.
Too bad! I like frogs!
Maybe they are hibernating.
The garden area outside of their exhibit is a nice place for photos.

I also got to see the seals and sea lions.

When I came back after visiting Australia,
one sea lion was sunning himself on a rock.

Australia had some interesting happenings, too.

Do I look like an outback explorer?

I saw a sleeping koala too far behind leaves to photograph,
Australian fish,

and a kookaburra.

Our zoo used to have two giant crocodiles,
but one of the big ones died.
There are now 3 little crocodiles in that exhibit.

The remaining big one is still on his side of the wall.

Sunday afternoon turned to shadows,
so it was time to go home.

Our zoo is just the right size to visit on a Sunday afternoon!

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