Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday in the Park

Today, we went to the local park.
It has a duck pond, so we watched the ducks for awhile.

There were little duck footprints all over the sand.
I quickly saw why!

I observed how winter is a season of contrasts.

The sky was a beautiful blue,
but the trees were bare except for the evergreens.

We were having so much fun that we posed for lots of pictures!
By we, I mean that Mari and our little roadrunner came with me.

I had a chance to climb a tree,
and we played around some others.

The park has a playground, too.
There were lots of small children with their adults,
so we stayed away from photography on the playground equipment.

It was a perfectly beautiful winter day
to explore the park!


  1. It looks like a super fun day! I love ducks. They're so cute the way they walk. Beautiful pictures, and I love all of the contrast.Thank you for sharing your day with us out here in internet-land!

  2. What a great day, the weather looks like it was nice as well with beautitul blue skies.