Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday in the Park

Today, we went to the local park.
It has a duck pond, so we watched the ducks for awhile.

There were little duck footprints all over the sand.
I quickly saw why!

I observed how winter is a season of contrasts.

The sky was a beautiful blue,
but the trees were bare except for the evergreens.

We were having so much fun that we posed for lots of pictures!
By we, I mean that Mari and our little roadrunner came with me.

I had a chance to climb a tree,
and we played around some others.

The park has a playground, too.
There were lots of small children with their adults,
so we stayed away from photography on the playground equipment.

It was a perfectly beautiful winter day
to explore the park!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wabi Sabi Love

The photo topic for this week's "52 Weeks" photo topic project is

Mikayla loves her bear. 
The heart shaped cookies are love.

But what is love, really?
How can I speak to this theme?
I have had Mikayla since 2009.
Since that time, she fell and chipped her nose on an outing,
and ended up being left on a shelf for years. 
I cleaned her up, but she remains put away to keep her clean
and prevent an accelerated aging process.

Wabi Sabi is the art of loving the imperfect.
So yes, her nose has been buffed and her resin has aged.
But, I still love her.
Her adventures and aging are a part of my life,
and her life with me.
She is not a flawed doll to send to live with someone else, 
or to replace with a newer model.
I gave her my heart, and she seems surprised.

If you love something, it will become worn. 
If you play with it, it may become scratched or broken in some way. 
If you keep it in a box or on some covered shelf, it will still age, 
but you will never know more than the happiness of owning it. 
You will have an investment, but it will never be real in your heart and in your imagination.

I looked more closely.
I found her spare hands in the box, where they have been kept clean in a dark place.
It is noticeable that she has aged, but it isn't as bad as I thought.
The photos on the left were taken with the flash.
The photos on the right are indirect afternoon natural light.

If I can love and accept a normal aging process,
I just might see more of my old friend, Mikayla.