Saturday, September 7, 2013

Imagination, Dragons and Apps...Oh My!

 A little more than 3 years ago,
Spampy sent Mikayla a special outfit with a dragon on it,
and Snort soon arrived as her imaginary friend.

I was beginning to believe that Mikayla had outgrown imaginary friends,
but today, a new friend arrived.
His name is Snuffle.

Snuffle is Snort's relative.
There does seem to be some family resemblance.

Snuffle and Snort by Douglas Cuddle Toy

Snuffle and Snort with my other plush dragons.

Then, I heard Mikayla whisper to her new imaginary 
dragon friend....

Good thing she started playing that game on her phone!
It opened the portal for you to arrive!