Saturday, August 10, 2013

Visiting Friend

A special visitor arrived from Texas at the beginning of the summer.
The plan was take her all around as a tourist,
but Elin Iplehouse ended up being more of an angel than a tourist.

San Felipe de Neri Church

 She was out and visible, and appreciated daily,
but ended up bringing Mikayla out of her box
and reminding me to love the dolls I already have.
I did not take her out as I had planned.

Her mother called a few days ago and said it is time for Elin 
to rejoin her family in Texas,
but was willing to let her stay for one more weekend so that we could thank her
for her visit and the very important role she played for Mikayla.

I was planning on taking only Elin with me as two girls can be handful!
When Elin heard that Mikayla had not been out in the longest while, though,
she insisted that Mikayla come, too.

Both girls had a good time getting their picture taken all over Old Town!

Old Mountain Howitzers from the Civil War in the Plaza

Covered Wagon Souvenir Shop

Fountain Girls

The Alley Behind the Church

Cactus and an Adobe Wall

Cactus and an Adobe Wall

Colorful Old Shop

Painted Bench

I was very careful to make sure both girls were standing firmly!

The Sculpture Garden in front of the Albuquerque Museum

Live Spanish music was being performed in the plaza gazebo
as we got ready to leave Old Town.

Thank you for visiting us, Elin!
Have a safe trip home!

Elin is happy and at home again!

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