Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Morning with Friends

This is Emi.
A long time ago, so many BJDs lived in a place called The Treehouse,
that a personal assistant was needed to manage them.
Emi was her person's personal assistant.

Just like me, Emi was a part of a time that had passed, and she started aging.
And just like me, her person found a solution,
and now a long time friend is back!

 I think everyone knows Miranda, who is the main pixie in the blog
with her name.
She drifted off for a few months, and then came back to the Wylde Kingdom,
which now consists of a growing village of dollhouses and shops.
She is still writing her blog, and she is our friend on Facebook, too!

Emi and Miranda were featured in the June 2008 issue 
of Haute Doll.
The Treehouse is no more, and many of the dolls who lived there
have found new homes.
Life happens. Life changes.

True companion dolls become a part of their person's life experiences,
feelings and memories.
The companion carries with them those memories and impressions.

There is something healing about a friend who remembers you
for who you were and what your life was like,
and sticks with you long enough to create new adventures.

We celebrate Miranda and Emi
of the Wylde Kingdom!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for talking about us (I knew my ears were burning)! I can't believe you still have a copy of that magazine too! It all seems like so long ago. Mikayla, it is so nice to see you again. And Tracy, thank you for the fond memories. *hugs to you both*