Friday, August 2, 2013

Mikayla's Story

Doll State
refers to a state of sleeping or unawareness in dolls.
Some dolls are only in doll state until awoken by their creation or arrival at a new home.
Some dolls spend their whole lives in doll state.
And some come alive upon creation or arrival to later drift in and out of doll state.
Some dolls are much loved, but put away from time to time
so that other dolls in their homes can receive attention
without their being bothered by it.
And some are constantly alert as sentient beings no matter where you put them
or how long they sit there before you return to interact with them.

This is Mikayla's Story
Once upon a time, Mikayla was a new Lati who completed her Lati family,
also consisting of a Lati Yellow SP brother and sister.
She received a good amount of attention, and went on adventures
documented in this blog and in her photo albums.

Then, February 6, 2010, her life started to change.
I took her to the local man-made fishing ponds.
As she looked over the pond from a cinder block wall,
she fell face forward.
She chipped the tip of her nose just enough to be unnerving. 

I used a Magic Eraser and extra fine sandpaper to gently 
rub the scratches and chips back into a polished,
if not slightly less pointed tip to her nose.

She continued to be loved and go on adventures
with her much more cautious mother.
Eventually, though, they both drifted into a more sedentary life.
A year later, a winter freeze found her nodding off into doll state.

Other dolls came,
and Mikayla sat comfortably in her room,
rocking on the Strombecker rocker, staring at the world outside the glass door.
Her resin became more noticeably discolored,
and finally she was retired to a box under the bed, safely out of the sun.

I wondered if perhaps there would be a new doll who could wear her clothes.
As an opportunity to play without a purchase,
Elin Iplehouse from Texas came at the end of May to visit for the summer.
Mikayla heard, and came out of her box to greet her.

Then, an odd thing happened.
I realized how much I loved Mikayla
and the time she had spent as a part of my life,
experiences and self-expression.

So, I did some research on the internet
to learn what could be done about a yellowing BJD.

I purchased a new Magic Eraser, and started rubbing in small circles.

I was amazed that a lot of the discoloration was embedded dust!
I was not surprised, but I had not considered
that she really needed to be cleaned after all that time by a sliding glass door!

Mikayla still has a slightly yellowed look to her, but her tone is more even.
She looks like herself, only aged by a few BJD years.

Sometimes loving a doll, or a person,
isn't about only loving them when they are perfect and new and exciting.
Sometimes loving a doll means loving them through scratches and bumped noses,
the signs of aging, and the signs of life.

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