Sunday, July 28, 2013


 I nodded off for a few years and look what happened!
I stretched a bit at the beginning of the summer
and had my picture taken under the cottonwood tree
I have played under and around for years.

When I got up for another stretch today,
the cottonwood trees by our place were gone,
but there was a pile of logs on the balcony.

Has anyone else ever had a tree leave something of itself behind?
It must have loved us a lot to have left so much!

Then, I started to look at what had been left behind, 
and I got an idea!

What if these logs could be made into a base for a doll treehouse?

 What if I could have a treehouse like American Girl Kit?
And decorate it with the seasons?
And invite friends over? 

I'd love one in MY size, but we have doll people here as small as 4 inches.
How can we make a simple house adaptable for 4-14 inch dolls?

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