Saturday, November 9, 2013

It Is Still Fall

Is it just me?
My person went on vacation without me.
She went to San Diego with a smaller, more sturdy companion.

I'm not sure why she had an emphasis on taking as little as possible!
I know I would have enjoyed it!
But, instead, I missed the opportunity to dress up in a Halloween costume,
and wear my Halloween pajamas!

When I asked her why she left me at home
just for me to miss Halloween,
you know what she said?
"At least it is still fall!"
Is Veteran's Day too late to celebrate Halloween?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Imagination, Dragons and Apps...Oh My!

 A little more than 3 years ago,
Spampy sent Mikayla a special outfit with a dragon on it,
and Snort soon arrived as her imaginary friend.

I was beginning to believe that Mikayla had outgrown imaginary friends,
but today, a new friend arrived.
His name is Snuffle.

Snuffle is Snort's relative.
There does seem to be some family resemblance.

Snuffle and Snort by Douglas Cuddle Toy

Snuffle and Snort with my other plush dragons.

Then, I heard Mikayla whisper to her new imaginary 
dragon friend....

Good thing she started playing that game on her phone!
It opened the portal for you to arrive!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Sunday at the Zoo

Today was a beautiful summer Sunday.
What a great day to go to the zoo!

We arrived just in time for a mid-day feeding time.

For $2, visitors could feed the giraffes a sprig of some type of tree.

Great photo opportunity!

The little giraffe was so little!

The biggest one was so big!

The elephants were at the "watering hole".

The Mexican Wolves were a treat to see.

Time to visit the amphibian exhibit.
What big eyes you have!

I love frogs!

Buffalo Stampede!

Time for a rest break in Africa.

Cuteness break...
How cute am I?!!!!

Is this iPhone camera any good?

Onward Through Africa!

Where is Chopper?

Rolling in the mud!

You ever let your young ones play in the mud?

Refreshment Stand

The Cat Walk

The tiger found a toy!

What a fun place to play!


Thanks for visiting the zoo with me!