Friday, October 15, 2010

Out with the Old

It is that time again!
This ristra is 2 years old.
It is turning dark red and brown, and it is very dry.
It is also dusty from hanging on the wall. So mom brought home a new, bright red one!
It is soft and smells like fresh chile!
This ristra even left me a little chile!
Did you know...
That all chile is chile, but
green chile is considered a vegetable,
and red chile is a spice?
Green chile is chile that is picked earlier in the season,
and there is more "meat" to it.
It is roasted, frozen, or canned.
If it sits out, it goes bad, just like any fruit or vegetable.
It turns red when it stays on the vine longer.
The "meat" goes away, so red chile won't turn bad,
it just keeps getting drier.
It can be dried, grounded and used as a spice.

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