Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...Fall!

We have a bit of a break from school this year.
It is called Fall Break!
And our break came just in time for dropping temperatures
and leaves starting to change color. The leaves on this tree started to turn yellow
about a week ago.
It was time for a photo in the fall tree!
Mom said she photographs a doll in this tree every year,
but the tree has grown a lot in the 5 or 6 years it has been here!
She had to stretch up high to boost me up to this branch.
Then, after lunch, there was another surprise!
A few weeks ago, I was given $50,
and it wasn't even my birthday!
Mom said she was going to buy another doll,
but if she had a few dolly dollars,
maybe she should spend it on me.
This is part of what I did with it:

Spampy for Halloween!
I looked at her website,
and there were fabrics for Halloween,
and she had an order deadline of October 10th,
and it was already the 8th!!!

Wow! And she was quick, too!
Now I have special Halloween pajamas/lounge wear.
And if anyone knows how to make fuzzy bunny slippers,
I am looking for a pair of fuzzy black kitty slippers.
Mom said these black loafers for Leeann/Lenny
make nice leather slippers.
I still think fuzzy black kitty slippers would be cute.

And here is the secret surprise!
Auntie Spampy always sends extras,
and this time, she sent me BOO panties
and a second pair of tights!
Very COOL!
Yeah, Fall is very COOL!

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