Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall at the Bio Park

Finally, it was time to get out and see fall!
There is no better place to see fall in the city
than at the Botanical Garden,
which is, of course, all about nature
and seasonal changes.
This time of year is about changes in nature,
but it is also about setting up light sculptures
for the River of Lights,
which is held throughout the month of December.
There are a lot of animals, insects, flowers,
and even vehicles set out around the park,
all done up in lights!

Even some trees are decorated with holiday lights!

Walking back toward the farm and Japanese Garden....

there are still roses in bloom in the rose garden.

Look at the fall leaves!
Fall is finally here!

Sasebo Japanese Garden

Heritage Farm

Chile in New Mexico

Near the green houses,
there was a pond with the sound of running water
and crickets!

I sat down for a closer look, and found a frog!!!!

I sat quietly, and looked even closer...
and saw another frog!

Yeah...the are easy to see with the zoom on the camera,
but do you see them in the pond?

Click on the link to the Flickr photo to see where they are hiding.

Back to the front of the Botanic Garden, and time to go!


  1. Oh tracy I love these photos! Our zoo does lights like that in December and if you want when you are at the zoo you can pay to take one of the small trains to our Japanese Gardens and then take it back to the zoo when you are done. I love that you take your girl to places like this!!!

  2. ps: I loved the frog shots. Sometime maybe you can come to my blog. I have just been starting it and I am not quite sure which way it is going. Always a question of time. lo!

  3. Yes, I'd love to see your blog. What is the link? We have a train that takes people between the zoo, the Botanical Gardens, and a series of manmade fishing ponds called Tingley Beach.