Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tinkertown Museum

Today, we ventured past the city limits,
into the local mountains.
We found an odd place,
called The Tinkertown Museum.

The Tinkertown Museum
is the result of a man named Ross Ward,
who "tinkered" for 40 years.

Many of the inside displays are dioramas behind glass.

There are detailed scenes and settings.

Along the wall, there are buttons to push to activate mechanical motion.

For example,
Emily's rope will turn and she will move over it.

The miniature diplays are perfect for those
who love dolls and toys!

In addition to 3 or 4 rooms hidden in a maze,
there are outside spaces where the tinkering
and collecting continued.

It reminded me somehow of the wild west,
a ghost town, or maybe a mining community
with all the wood and tin.

Even trees grow into the odd, creative structure of the building.

One of the rooms is a doll room.
I thought it was a little scary.
I would not want to live behind glass.
Some of the dolls just looked old.
Some of the paper mache character dolls
were the ones who looked scary!

One of the busy things about this museum,
that looks like it grew up around the creation,
is that the floors, walls, and ceilings are also used
for creative expression.

Take a peak off one of the boardwalks,
and you can smell the fresh mountain pine trees.
This view looks sane!

Not unexpectedly,
there is also a collection of carnival style booths.
I looked at Esmeralda, the fortune teller.
I hope I never get a nanny with that look on her face!

Even though the museum was filled with dolls and figures,
my favorite places were the ones with wheels, rusted metal pieces,
or glass.

Outside had more rusted metal!


and more wild west looking buildings!

I love this colorful sign.

Do they really still sell Kodak film?
To Visit Tinkertown

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