Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Scooter Ride-Sueding Mikayla

A few nights ago, I sueded Mikayla's ankles
and added a thick layer of Tacky Glue
to all of her joints except her neck and wrists.
This was done mostly to help her stand with greater stability
since I believe the fall that damaged her nose in February
was mostly caused by unstable, non-sueded ankle joints.
Since then, I have either held her up, or had her sit for photos.
This is not very adventurous!
Since re-inforcing her joints with plither strips and glue,
there is much more resistance.
Her joints make a rubbery squeak
that is music to my ears because it means it is working!
Mikayla can hold her knee in a bent pose,
even with this heavy sneaker on.
Her ankles are sturdy enough to hold her
in a balanced pose on one foot!
This scooter ride would not have been possible before!

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