Monday, July 5, 2010

Around the Duck Pond

Today, we went on an adventure
to somewhere I've never been before.
We went to the local duck pond! The duck pond is a manmade pond
in a suburban neighborhood,
between intersecting streets and two churches.
I was glad to see that there were real ducks
at the duck pond!
I also saw orange dragonflies and blue dragonflies,
and little fish that maybe were tadpoles,
and little black birds with orange on their wings.

The children there said there was a big turtle
and a little turtle, but I didn't see the turtles.

There were tall grasses growing in the water
and lily pads with lilies.
We don't see those often in New Mexico!

I liked the fuzzy willow things.
I wanted to touch one,
but mom said that was one step into the pond.

Pond life sure is different than desert life or mountain life!

I'm glad this pond is here for people to learn about ponds!

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