Saturday, July 3, 2010

Amy's Doll

Amy's Doll by Barbara Brenner and Sy Katzoff, 1963
"What's the very nicest kind of celebration?"
Amy asked, happily undressing Sarah Jane.
"Well, I always like a wedding,"said Mama.
"Then tomorrow we will have a wedding,
to celebrate Sarah Jane's coming home."
So, the next day there was a wedding.
The bride looked beautiful.

Amy is 7 years old. For her birthday, she is allowed to choose a very special doll.
Her doll is old fashioned and comes with a trunk of clothes.
Sarah Jane quickly becomes Amy's best doll friend and companion,
privileged to experiences her other dolls do not have.
One winter day, Amy went out to play in the snow with her brothers.
Poor Sarah Jane was left outside in the snow, prompting a trip to a doll hospital.
Upon her return, Amy celebrates with a wedding, because it is the best celebration of all.

My Comments:
I would highly recommend this vintage doll book.
It has black and white photos and a delightful story
between a girl and her special doll companion.
I have always thought the idea of having a wedding
with no groom or marriage was an innocent, sweet party.
I thought I'd replicate the "bride",
but Mikayla ended up looking more like a child and her first communion.
Then, I noticed that Mikayla resembles Amy with her short hair and pointed chin...

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