Saturday, July 24, 2010


"Yes, I've seen the photo of Teru online."
"Yes, I know you've been wanting a brother.
I thought we would eventually get a Ronnie.
I agree this one is handsome..."
"Did you see that he has elf ears?
I didn't think we did elf ears."

"No, he is not going to come live here,
but you can look at him all you want..."

2010 Lati Green Special Teru
released July 26, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Go Hawaii!!!

I was playing dress up in the Ann Estelle box,
and found this cute Hawaiian outfit.
What a better way to beat the heat with some ice cubes
keeping the drinks and macadamia chocolates cool!
My little friend Stitch joined me by the fan.
Let's keep cool with a Hawaiian Luau!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Scooter Ride

After two days worth of outings,
I decided to stay at home and play today.
I got dressed up in pretty pink and blue and purple,
and put on the sparkly necklace I got yesterday.
I took my scooter outside, and off I went!
Maybe later I will play dress up.
I have a tiara and a pink feather boa,
really I do!

Sunday Scooter Ride-Sueding Mikayla

A few nights ago, I sueded Mikayla's ankles
and added a thick layer of Tacky Glue
to all of her joints except her neck and wrists.
This was done mostly to help her stand with greater stability
since I believe the fall that damaged her nose in February
was mostly caused by unstable, non-sueded ankle joints.
Since then, I have either held her up, or had her sit for photos.
This is not very adventurous!
Since re-inforcing her joints with plither strips and glue,
there is much more resistance.
Her joints make a rubbery squeak
that is music to my ears because it means it is working!
Mikayla can hold her knee in a bent pose,
even with this heavy sneaker on.
Her ankles are sturdy enough to hold her
in a balanced pose on one foot!
This scooter ride would not have been possible before!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tinkertown Museum

Today, we ventured past the city limits,
into the local mountains.
We found an odd place,
called The Tinkertown Museum.

The Tinkertown Museum
is the result of a man named Ross Ward,
who "tinkered" for 40 years.

Many of the inside displays are dioramas behind glass.

There are detailed scenes and settings.

Along the wall, there are buttons to push to activate mechanical motion.

For example,
Emily's rope will turn and she will move over it.

The miniature diplays are perfect for those
who love dolls and toys!

In addition to 3 or 4 rooms hidden in a maze,
there are outside spaces where the tinkering
and collecting continued.

It reminded me somehow of the wild west,
a ghost town, or maybe a mining community
with all the wood and tin.

Even trees grow into the odd, creative structure of the building.

One of the rooms is a doll room.
I thought it was a little scary.
I would not want to live behind glass.
Some of the dolls just looked old.
Some of the paper mache character dolls
were the ones who looked scary!

One of the busy things about this museum,
that looks like it grew up around the creation,
is that the floors, walls, and ceilings are also used
for creative expression.

Take a peak off one of the boardwalks,
and you can smell the fresh mountain pine trees.
This view looks sane!

Not unexpectedly,
there is also a collection of carnival style booths.
I looked at Esmeralda, the fortune teller.
I hope I never get a nanny with that look on her face!

Even though the museum was filled with dolls and figures,
my favorite places were the ones with wheels, rusted metal pieces,
or glass.

Outside had more rusted metal!


and more wild west looking buildings!

I love this colorful sign.

Do they really still sell Kodak film?
To Visit Tinkertown

Friday, July 9, 2010

The New Mexico Rail Runner Express

I got myself all dressed up,
and thought of something I had not done yet!
I went to see the arrival of
The New Mexico Rail Runner Express
at a local station.

I arrived a few minutes early
to photograph the small outdoor station.

Nice tile work!

I didn't have to wait long before I heard the train!

The New Mexico Rail Runner
is a commuter train running
between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

This train was south bound into Albuquerque.
As a commuter train,
there are a few hours in the afternoon that it does not run.
If I had gotten on this train, it would have been at least 3 hours
before I could have caught a return trip to the station.

Perhaps sometime,
I can ride the train to Santa Fe!

The red and yellow stripes are the warm colors of New Mexico.
They are the colors on our older style license plates.
On the train, they are the road runner's tail feathers.

The road runner is the state bird of New Mexico!

And the rail runner is one fast train
that helps people travel between Albuquerque and Santa Fe!

Walking back to the car,
I found some pretty flowers!

After seeing the train arrive and leave,
I went to see The Village Shops at Los Ranchos.
These are new shops in the old New Mexican style.

I love New Mexico!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Around the Duck Pond

Today, we went on an adventure
to somewhere I've never been before.
We went to the local duck pond! The duck pond is a manmade pond
in a suburban neighborhood,
between intersecting streets and two churches.
I was glad to see that there were real ducks
at the duck pond!
I also saw orange dragonflies and blue dragonflies,
and little fish that maybe were tadpoles,
and little black birds with orange on their wings.

The children there said there was a big turtle
and a little turtle, but I didn't see the turtles.

There were tall grasses growing in the water
and lily pads with lilies.
We don't see those often in New Mexico!

I liked the fuzzy willow things.
I wanted to touch one,
but mom said that was one step into the pond.

Pond life sure is different than desert life or mountain life!

I'm glad this pond is here for people to learn about ponds!