Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Surprising Trip to Old Town

Saturday Morning:
We went to Old Town, Albuquerque
for a usual summer Saturday stroll.
Imagine my surprise
when I saw a carnival being set up
right in the plaza!
The rides and booths had not opened yet,
but were in the final stages of being set up.

Look at the Himalayan!
This looks FAST!!!

I wonder what that big loop does...

After our stroll, we rested by the fountain.

It sure is HOT!!!
It must be at least 95*!

It is funny to see the Old Town
with the bright and colorful carnival booths,
but the church and the shops are all still there!

Eventually, announcements were made
welcoming guests to the Fiesta de San Felipe.
Fiesta means party
and San Felipe is the patron saint
of the San Felipe de Neri church.

The original church was built in 1706
as one of the buildings that had to be built
in order to fulfill Spanish requirements for township,
establishing the town of Albuquerque
as a settlement of Spain.

The San Felipe de Neri church
is a wonderful place to visit

in any season....

...but I think this Fiesta de San Felipe
is just an excuse for a summer party!

The Albuquerque Museum

The Albuquerque Museum
is right next to the Old Town Plaza,
so we enjoyed the art outside before going home.

It is so hot,
I wish I could go swimming!

This pond would be the perfect place for a dip...

I'm getting tired,
and hungry,
and really THIRSTY!

Maybe there will be a cooler day to come back this month.

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