Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mikayla at the Rio Grande Zoo

The weather report said it would be almost 100*
again today, but I wanted to go to the zoo!
We compromised, and left at 9am
while it was still cool enough to walk around. First, I saw a peacock with his feathers up in the air!
Mom said he had his eye on a pretty peahen
and was trying to impress her.

We saw the object of his affections
as well as another male suiter, who had been chased away.
Are you sure I'm old enough to come to this zoo?

We walked to our first real exhibit;
the seals and sea lions.
I would love to swim in all that cool water
on such a hot day!

They were both graceful and playful
in their specially refridgerated exhibit.

Mr. Polar Bear!
Where is the polar bear?
We must see him before he gets too hot
and goes inside!

What do you mean it is going to be near 100* again?
Doesn't anyone know that I am not meant to live in desert temperatures?

I got my picture taken with Mr. Polar Bear!
Maybe it pays to read signs!

Stay cool, Mr. Polar Bear!

I bet his rocks and the water are refridgerated, too.

Oh, yes, the desert.
I found a yellow cactus flower for Eggie,
who loves yellow.

And a purple flower on another type of cactus.

More yellow for Eggie!

And more purple...
do I sense a theme?

Where is the baby elephant?

There is Daisy and her momma!

Dusty Daisy!

An Asian Elephant.
You can tell by his smaller ears.

Time for a drink!

Henry wanted us to do some research on real giraffes.

African huts at the giraffe exhibit.

Feeding time for giraffes!

Look at the giraffes spots and coloring!

Herd of Zebras

An animal with another interesting print!

Further into the area with African animals

can you spell this????
What comes next?

Resting rhinos!
Told you it was hot out.

The chimps were eating fruits and vegetables
frozen into ice chunks, like a popsicle.


More animals relaxing in the water...

darn, another hard to spell word!

People rest spot in Africa area

The Train Within the Zoo

Australian Animals

I don't think that is quite right either!


Back to the Wild West
and Mexico/Southwest

the Mexican Wolf

Pretty Macaws!

This crocodile enclosure is tempory
while they are building a real one outside.
There are two males, each with their own ponds,
and separated by a wall and walkway.

More resting in water!

Reptile/Amphibian Exhibit

A blue dart frog for Fomalhaut,
because he likes frogs.

Gila Monster
These are poisonous.

So is the rattlesnake.
Don't play with them!

Four Hours later
(including chatting with people and eating lunch)
back to the entrance.
Are you sure you are ready to leave?
Is there anything we didn't see or want to see again?

Nope. I think we got our entrance fee worth for this trip.

Bye to flamingos!


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