Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Exploration

A few days ago,
there was a wind storm with winds over 65mph.
The winds blew down leaves, twigs, branches,
and small trees.
I went out to explore the lawn
before the clean-up crews come on Monday.
This was the largest branch that blew down in our area.

It was a good opportunity to examine parts of the tree
that I don't usually see
because the branches are so high up.
I could see where the branches broke
and the pods and leaves that were growing on the branches.

I thought I was only going to see the branch,

leaves and twigs that had fallen.

I was surprised to see some really interesting

mushroom clusters!

There were big mushrooms and small ones!

I even found a small dandelion in the grass

and lots of flower pods from the tree!

I did not see all these things in the grass
from up in our 2nd floor treehouse apartment!
Sometimes it pays to take a closer look!

My favorite part of spring, though,
is the green grass and the warm sun!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mikayla! I've been exploring in our yard, too. I'm keeping a journal about it. Maybe we will be famous scientists someday!