Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Bathing Suit

A new special outfit by Spampy arrived
for Mikayla today! This darling bathing suit
has a generous halter top.
The bottoms are shorts with an attached skirt.
The bottoms cover her leg joints nicely,
and I love how conservative, old fashioned
and cute it turned out to be!
Mikayla hopes she will become a tan Lati
if she lays out in the sun.
I'm thinking that she needs some Lati sunscreen!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Of Friends and Companions

Do you want to play, Orlando?
Look, let's get our picture taken!
(Do you see the dragon in the photo?
Hmmm...Snort is Mikayla's imaginary friend.
If you can see the dragon,
you still possess a child spirit!)
Hey, Snort!
I didn't know you were here!
It is Saturday evening,
and I have nothing to do tonight.
What can I do?

Maybe I can use my imagination.

Where did he go, Orlando?

Snort was here just a minute ago.

Imagination can be such a fleeting thing....

especially when it is not practiced often enough.

Well, would you like to play tea party,
or hear me read a story to you?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mikayla's Sweet Shop Bedroom

The last few weeks have seen some spring decorating
in Mikayla's Bedroom in the Lati House.
This afternoon, I used craft wood leftover from other projects
to make a peg shelf for her room.
looks pretty good!
Is this straight?

Let's decorate the shelf
with Rement Elegant Sweets

and Boneka old fashioned undies!

Mikayla's room is starting to remind me of

an old fashioned sweet shop,
with strawberry ice cream,
and pink frosted roses on cupcakes,
with just enough chocolate to make the pink
extra sweet!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dragon Play

Let's play in the yard, Snort! I can balance on the railroad ties!
Follow me!
Look at this seat fit for a princess
in the trunk of the tree!

No fair, you have wings to take you to a higher branch!
A seat fit for a dragon!
What do you see up there?

What is this?
I agree. It definitely doesn't look natural!
I don't think I'll touch it.
It could be radioactive.
Or dirty.

I see the spider web.
Do you see any troll or elf artifacts?

This would be a great summer fort

for someone tiny!

I proclaim this our dragon kingdom!

And I am the dragon princess!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Exploration

A few days ago,
there was a wind storm with winds over 65mph.
The winds blew down leaves, twigs, branches,
and small trees.
I went out to explore the lawn
before the clean-up crews come on Monday.
This was the largest branch that blew down in our area.

It was a good opportunity to examine parts of the tree
that I don't usually see
because the branches are so high up.
I could see where the branches broke
and the pods and leaves that were growing on the branches.

I thought I was only going to see the branch,

leaves and twigs that had fallen.

I was surprised to see some really interesting

mushroom clusters!

There were big mushrooms and small ones!

I even found a small dandelion in the grass

and lots of flower pods from the tree!

I did not see all these things in the grass
from up in our 2nd floor treehouse apartment!
Sometimes it pays to take a closer look!

My favorite part of spring, though,
is the green grass and the warm sun!