Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring After the Rain

This unusual flowering cabbage
caught my attention.
Usually, the cabbage is low to the ground
and is in various stages of wilting
or looking like a green and purple cabbage. Last night, it rained,
and I was worried that the flowers would fall
or stems would break.
Off we went to see what the grounds looked like
after the rain.

This cabbage flower held up well,
and even matches my sweater!
Isn't this an interesting plant?!!!

Then there were two purple wisteria vines.

Isn't this a pretty color?

I visited the tree with the cherry blossoms again,
but not only were the cherry blossoms gone,
but so was the branch we like to sit on!
The branch was not on the ground below it,
so it was not broken in the storm.
It was possibly badly pruned by the landscaping crew,
or by a child hanging on it or pulling on it.

On the grass..temptation!
I found a dandelion that had survived,
or perhaps bloomed in the morning!


  1. Mikayla - we love your pictures with yellow flowers! They match your sweater so nicely! It looks like Spring!

  2. I love your purple flower and your sweater is so cute! We must get out and take some spring photos. It's such a happy time of year!