Friday, April 23, 2010

Spampy Wear!!!!

Finally, it was my turn to visit Auntie Spampy for new clothes! I saw this cute little dragon motif,
and had to have it,
but could Spampy make a dragon shirt
look like a shirt for a girl?
My dragon shirt is way better than
even I could imagine!
And then I wanted a pair of capris
to go with the dragon shirt.
These have lace trim,
and I love the matching socks!

I thought I'd be helpful and request another shirt,
to go with the capris, you know.
I liked lots of motifs, but couldn't make up my mind.
I told Auntie Spampy about the things I liked,
and asked for a girl shirt to go with the pants.
Wow! Ice cream!
Another winner!!!

So I had two shirts and a pair of capris...
could I sneak in one more item?
I asked for a pair of comfy fit jeans.

What that means is that they have an elastic waist,
are easy to pull on and off,
and I can sit and run and play
without the fit being too fitted for me to move.
Love my comfy fit jeans,
and all my darling new spring clothes!

Thank you Auntie Spampy!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Advice for BJD Companions

Never Stand....
Where You Can't Fall!

(outtake from photo session
or public service announcement

Spring After the Rain

This unusual flowering cabbage
caught my attention.
Usually, the cabbage is low to the ground
and is in various stages of wilting
or looking like a green and purple cabbage. Last night, it rained,
and I was worried that the flowers would fall
or stems would break.
Off we went to see what the grounds looked like
after the rain.

This cabbage flower held up well,
and even matches my sweater!
Isn't this an interesting plant?!!!

Then there were two purple wisteria vines.

Isn't this a pretty color?

I visited the tree with the cherry blossoms again,
but not only were the cherry blossoms gone,
but so was the branch we like to sit on!
The branch was not on the ground below it,
so it was not broken in the storm.
It was possibly badly pruned by the landscaping crew,
or by a child hanging on it or pulling on it.

On the grass..temptation!
I found a dandelion that had survived,
or perhaps bloomed in the morning!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Dragon Whisperer

I was reading a book this evening,
when I heard a gentle thump on the roof
above my room. I went up to see what had made that noise,
and there by the Magic Mailbox
was a little dragon!
He grunted and snorted and seemed friendly enough.
I named him Snort, and invited him to stay!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

1970's Hippie

Mikayla and Thor

This is my new dragon, Thor.
Thor arrived on Monday from an enchanted place
called Build a Bear.
He has a fire breathing tongue,
but is very friendly!

He is especially fond of children

and being silly!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

The spring wind died down enough
for me to safely climb the cherry tree.
The blossoms are a beautiful sight to see!
But the tree still swayed a bit in the wind,
and I had to hang on tight!
I came back inside,
and our furry friends were having a party!
The Truffle Easter Bunny
gave me an Easter basket with a chocolate bunny!

Our soft and fluffy lamb
came to the party with some of our
favorite Peeps!

...with the chenille chicks following behind them!