Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tingley Beach

Tingley Beach
is a series of 4 manmade ponds
for fishing, model boating, and paddle boating. The geese didn't seem to mind.
I bet this goose was wondering if I was going to feed him.

The first pond we walked by was for model boats.
I saw sailboats from the local model boat club
sailing with the geese.

The second pond was the children's fishing pond.
I found a really neat rock structure with a cool fountain!

The fountain fed into the pond.

I wanted to climb higher on the rocks,
but a few boys had the same idea,
so I stayed low.

Boy magnet!

I crossed a bridge on the south end of the children's fishing pond.

The third pond was for adults and families.

Tingley Beach has a building
where you can buy fishing gear and licenses,
food, souvenirs, and train tickets.

This is the Tingley Beach train station,
in between the Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

A dock houses the paddle boats in the summer.

...and right after this picture,
I fell face down onto the concrete.
It did not feel very good,
and I got a little chip on my nose!

Suddenly, I was not feeling very good,
and my adventure was stopped.

I asked if I could go home and we could fix the boo-boo
on my nose.

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