Saturday, January 9, 2010


A long time ago,
we read a letter written on behalf
of a leprechaun in Colorado.
Aloe Vera was searching for her pot of gold.
It happened to monsoon season in New Mexico,
and it was raining every afternoon.
So, that very afternoon, Saraya searched for the end
of the rainbow.
She did not find a pot of gold, but she did find a cast iron pot
that fit Aloe Vera's description perfectly.
This only led the imagination to wonder who had taken Aloe Vera's pot,
and if they still had the gold it certainly had once contained.
Well, of course,
we did the right and honest thing
and returned the pot to Aloe Vera.
In return,
Aloe Vera sent me a gold colored sweater!
She said that Saraya was smaller than she had expected
and could not find a sweater in such a small size,
however, the Nisse children her home
were happy to model for a girl my size.
Wasn't that nice!
And we hope that Aloe Vera
finds the gold at the other end of the rainbow.

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