Friday, December 31, 2010

Techno Christmas

The last of the Christmas presents arrived today.
This MP3 player was purchased with the money
my mom's mom sent her for Christmas. Another tiny technology that came in a big package!
Once open, it was easy to start downloading songs
from Windows Media Player.

My seat is now tangled with USB cords
hanging off the front of the desktop computer!I just wish this had earphones in my size,
because I think the device actually would fit in my pocket!
Now that it is leaving,
I think we are almost up to speed with this decade.
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inside Activities

It is gray and snowy outside,
but not enough to sled in the grass,
which is just getting wet.
That means that it is time for inside activities.
I heard a knock at the door, and the UPS man
left a padded envelope.
I was hoping it was a new outfit and I could play dress up.
No such luck.
It was a software upgrade for the new mini laptop.
It came in a big box, so I opened it up!
There wasn't anything in it except the paper insert.
Mom said to pull out the card with the number on it.
That is called the Product Upgrade Key.

She went to a link on the menu that says to Upgrade Windows Anytime,
and it opened a new page.
I read the number to mom so she could type it in,
and the computer did the rest of the work.
Oh well.
I hope playing with the new program is more fun than installing it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Activity Booklet

Look what I found!
I found the holiday activity booklets from Build a Bear!
Time to do a word search, dot to dot, and maze!
Are there any other holiday activities I can do?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow Day

Did we have weather this week!
It rained on Thursday, and snowed during the night.
Friday morning was even a 2 hour delay
for the local schools!
Snowflake and I set out Saturday around noon
to see if we could find a large enough patch to play in.
Most of it has melted, been walked on,
and been scooped for snowballs.
We played with the sled and I made a snow angel.

This is Snowflake.

And here I am!

This is our first snowfall of the season...
just in time for winter to arrive in a few days.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the turkey who comes to Thanksgiving!
He just returned after a week at school.
When he came home, I found out a secret he had not told us!
The stuffie loving 3rd grader said that he knows how to talk!

I tickled him to see if he would talk,
but that didn't work.

So I sat on him and bounced up and down!

What do you know?
He really can talk!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Yesterday, Rudolph came to live with us.
He is originally from the North Pole,
but had been staying at our local Build a Bear.
Rudolph's nose lights up, and he says funny things
like "My name is Rudolph."
Good thing his power button can also be turned off.
This Rudolph is a big guy,
but he must have heard of me,
because he brought me a little mini Rudolph.
Mini Rudolph was on a clip, but mom freed him from the clip.
He said Clarice, Bumble, and even Santa come as mini clips ($5 each),
just perfect for girls and boys like me!
Clarice and Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster
also come in full sizes, like my friend Rudolph.
Mom said there were some Misfit Toys there, too.
One was a brown haired dolly,
one was a polka dotted elephant,
and one was Charlie in the box.
They are 10-12 inches tall and $8 each.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall at the Bio Park

Finally, it was time to get out and see fall!
There is no better place to see fall in the city
than at the Botanical Garden,
which is, of course, all about nature
and seasonal changes.
This time of year is about changes in nature,
but it is also about setting up light sculptures
for the River of Lights,
which is held throughout the month of December.
There are a lot of animals, insects, flowers,
and even vehicles set out around the park,
all done up in lights!

Even some trees are decorated with holiday lights!

Walking back toward the farm and Japanese Garden....

there are still roses in bloom in the rose garden.

Look at the fall leaves!
Fall is finally here!

Sasebo Japanese Garden

Heritage Farm

Chile in New Mexico

Near the green houses,
there was a pond with the sound of running water
and crickets!

I sat down for a closer look, and found a frog!!!!

I sat quietly, and looked even closer...
and saw another frog!

Yeah...the are easy to see with the zoom on the camera,
but do you see them in the pond?

Click on the link to the Flickr photo to see where they are hiding.

Back to the front of the Botanic Garden, and time to go!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...Fall!

We have a bit of a break from school this year.
It is called Fall Break!
And our break came just in time for dropping temperatures
and leaves starting to change color. The leaves on this tree started to turn yellow
about a week ago.
It was time for a photo in the fall tree!
Mom said she photographs a doll in this tree every year,
but the tree has grown a lot in the 5 or 6 years it has been here!
She had to stretch up high to boost me up to this branch.
Then, after lunch, there was another surprise!
A few weeks ago, I was given $50,
and it wasn't even my birthday!
Mom said she was going to buy another doll,
but if she had a few dolly dollars,
maybe she should spend it on me.
This is part of what I did with it:

Spampy for Halloween!
I looked at her website,
and there were fabrics for Halloween,
and she had an order deadline of October 10th,
and it was already the 8th!!!

Wow! And she was quick, too!
Now I have special Halloween pajamas/lounge wear.
And if anyone knows how to make fuzzy bunny slippers,
I am looking for a pair of fuzzy black kitty slippers.
Mom said these black loafers for Leeann/Lenny
make nice leather slippers.
I still think fuzzy black kitty slippers would be cute.

And here is the secret surprise!
Auntie Spampy always sends extras,
and this time, she sent me BOO panties
and a second pair of tights!
Very COOL!
Yeah, Fall is very COOL!