Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Without Internet

The night before Thanksgiving, my computer crashed.
I knew that it was unlikely that we would find
service personnel before Friday,
so we settled into vacation time
with no computer/internet/email! Why is the computer screen black?
We are sitting here on Thanksgiving
with family far away, and preferring our own company,
but it wasn't supposed to be without a computer!
Maybe it will be good for you to not have the computer
for a few days.
At least it isn't your health or the car that crashed.
What do you mean I can't go shoe shopping?
And if I want to look at shoes
I have to look in the box at the ones I already have?!!!
Well, maybe we can find something else to do.
Can we write letters to Santa or decorate for Christmas?

I have the key to the box.

Maybe Saraya and Satchel can write letters.
I can ask Santa to repair the computer!
Yes, I guess you are right.
We want the computer to work long before Christmas!

We can clean up the fall decorations

and put Christmas decorations out.
Let's sweep the dust and leaves from the balcony.

It is getting colder, and the trees and grass look brown.
I hope it is Christmas soon.
I hope the computer is repaired soon!
I wonder how all our friends are doing...
They are probably busy with family and turkeys.
(The computer was repaired the Saturday after Thanksgiving)

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