Friday, December 18, 2009

New Sweaters

There is a little wooden girl living here.
Her name is Hope.
And a long time ago,
Auntie Connie made sweaters for Hope.
When I asked for sweaters,
Auntie Connie answered my post
and said she could make sweaters for me
that were like Hope's sweaters,
only bigger.
Auntie Connie made a pretty pink sweater
with a kitty cat hat, which I love!
And a blue sweater with a headband,
and it is so perfect!
Then, she added a Christmas sweater,
which I was not expecting!
Auntie Connie sent me lots of fun sweaters,
and a little book about Rudolph, too!
This is a very nice Christmas present!
Thank you Auntie Connie!!!

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