Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

After we cleaned up fall,
it was time to put the Christmas decorations out on display!
This tree is 18 inch tall
and is decorated with mini ornaments.
It has rustic and primitive ornaments
for a Western/Southwestern look. It is a pefect sized tree for me!

It sits in a place of honor
on top of the Lati House.

I explained that we had to keep the mailbox

so we could write letters to Santa,
so that is why the mailbox is
something we need for Christmas.

Mom went shopping for new candles,

and a few new artificial evergreens
to freshen up the place.
She came home and said that on Black Friday,

she went to smaller stores around the mall,
and did not go into the mall!

Chile the Snowman is on top of the refridgerator all year.
I can wear his cowboy hat.

I love the clear, acrylic ice cubes
to help keep Chile chilly!
Mom said he is made from white papier mache "clay"
over styrofoam balls.
with Sculpey clay molded into twig arms,
coal eyes, carrot nose, and red hot mouth!
She made his chile vest from felt.

I found some special holly leaves and a Hallmark ornament

next to my cast iron stove in the kitchen.
Look how colorful Christmas can be in the Southwest!

Then, I got a new Southwestern Sweater in the mail.

I fit right in with the bright colors of New Mexico!

Even the drum turned into a table
for a Southwestern/Western Christmas!

Kokopelli is usually on the drum,
but for a few weeks,
he will play his magic flute from the floor.

A sparse mini tree is decorated with a cowboy theme,
complete with cowgirl and mini drum!

The mini drum is an ornament
from the Taos Drum Company.
We have them scattered around the apartment.
They are a perfect doll sized drum.

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