Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dollween Meet Up

It was October 31st.
The morning of the Dolloween party.
I have a lot of clothes that could be worn as costumes.
I wanted to go as a ballerina! Mom said she made this special Minnie Mouse costume
just for me.
I tried the red romper on again with my black leotard and tights.
She still hadn't finished the gloves.
The romper didn't look quite right.
She thought I needed a Minnie Mouse dress.
No time now.
So I decided to go as a witch.
I remember some of the other BJDs were kind of scary,
so sweet wasn't quite the look to go for.

At 2pm, it was time to party.
Trick or Treat!
Now this is a tub of candy!

The house we went to had lots of colors.
It was in an adobe Spanish/Mexican style
with artist's touch-all over!

It was a warm place for a fall party!
These two live in the house.

I went off to meet and greet and explore.

The first girl I met was a girl named Isabella Blank.

Mom was particularly interested in Isabella
since we are waiting for a light tan Isabella
to come to our house.
This one has normal colored resin.
She was cheerful,
but don't you think this is Halloween creepy?
She looks through you and she has NO EYES!

Another blank child
was a Custom House Bisou Ai.
Mom loved her, too, and said she was just perfect!
Again, is this not creepy that this doll has no color
and no eyes?
Does that mean she has no soul?
Why is she carrying a teddy bear?
She looks like a zombie!
Maybe that was part of the Halloween effect...

Uh...the green hair matches the wall!

I liked the Halloween decorations!
What fun!

The gang stuck together lives at the house.
The angel was a guest.

Resident MSDs and SDs.

At least this woman was not scary!
Except is she trying to give something or take something?
Maybe she looks holy, but she really wants your soul!

The Line Up
on the shelf under the paintings

People came to this party, too.
Fix this, adjust that...

The DOA group organizer
with her devil.

Even though I don't understand or talk to the bigger creatures,
they are loved and cared for by their people.

recline against the coffee table
after being set up

This young woman is sweet and nice.
She has some bigger dolls and is into the Sooms,
but she loves them very much!

I met the some of the smaller guests.
This is a Goodreau ABC doll.

I sat on the table with the smaller kids
while mom stopped for dinner.
Pizza and companions don't mix,
unless it is plastic or polymar pizza.
The people had the real and greasy people version.

After dinner, I sat on mom's lap and squirmed.
I couldn't move my arms well with the leotard
under the witch dress.
The spandex kept sticking to the dress fabric.
I decided to take off the dress and be a ballerina
like I wanted in the first place
instead of taking the leotard off and wearing the dress without it.
Mom said it would have been cute if I'd worn my costume
just a little longer,
and gotten the two little witches together!

This guy was quite animated.
He engaged the attention of the couple on the sofa.
I think he was flirting with the BJD girl on the woman's lap.
His person seemed to be in repose.
I think that means she was resting and watching.

Then out came the wig box!!!!
I liked this party game!

A Winter Hat?

Cousin It?

More Halloween Treats

The Mad Scientist at it again!
In addition to the blank zombies,
the hostess was into parts and assembly.
Something about painting their faces.


It was time to go home!
This is SCARY!!!!

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