Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sewing for Mikayla

I have been here since March 2009,
and I didn't even know my mom could sew! But yesterday,
she took out the sewing machine,
and pulled out a bunch of patterns, looking for just the right one!
She said I could pick out a pretty fabric from the box.
And she got to work cutting and sewing a romper for me.

She sewed and sewed,
until the romper was ready for a fitting.
I had pins stuck in my back, but it seemed to be working!

I asked for a belt to dress up my romper.

I wanted a fall romper.
Mom said the blue looked very pretty on me.
And red and orange and even purple are fall colors.

I don't think these colors match the pumpkin and the turkey,
and black cat and fall leaves.
Is this really a "fall romper"?

Then I remembered
the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta,
that last for a week at the beginning of October.
This year's Balloon Fiesta just ended last week.
My fall romper matches the colors of fall in New Mexico;
hot air balloons and maybe bright red chiles
and pumpkins, and the bright, blue sky!

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