Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Scrapbook

Since mom is going to be home on vacation
for the next three weeks,
she said we could work on a project together.
Inspired by the Yahoo Group Leeann's World,
we are going to make a scrapbook together!
So far, we worked on making a back and a cover
for the scrapbook,
and are deciding which size photo to use.
Mom helped me make the cover and the back on her computer Word/Works program.
The box is a text box with a black border and light orange fill.
The boxes are 2.7 high and 3.4 wide.
I think that is in inches, but it was however the computer measured it.
The border is a black 4 pt wide border.
The pretty picture on the cover is a free clip art image
I picked out after doing a Google image search
for "pumpkin clip art".
It looked very easy to do.

The next decision is what size photo to use.
Both photos were printed from our computer
using the size selections they have for photo printing.
The big photo is wallet size. It would fit in as a page.
This is the reason the book covers are big.
The little photo is "contact" size.
It is very little to see, but my book would look like a scrapbook
instead of a photo album.
I could put words and pictures and stickers in it.
Mom also said the smaller ones should take up less ink.
Of course we will add pages of regular paper to make up our scrap book.
What do you think?

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