Friday, October 30, 2009

The Evening Before Halloween

It is October 30, 2009.
The Evening before Halloween.
Tomorrow, I'm going to a special party
called a "Dolloween" party.
It is with the BJD Meet Up group I met a few months ago.
There are a lot of BIG Sooms.
Those are BIG BJDs with antlers and horns and hoofs.
Only one I met last time was my size.
Some of the tiny BJDs I met seemed inconsequential
compared to these larger half-human half-creatures.
It is a costume party.
I have a Minnie Mouse costume and a witch costume.
I think the BIG BJDs are already kind of scary,
even without a costume.
I wonder if they will wear scary costumes!
Should I be a scary witch?
Or be Minnie Mouse with my special ears?

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