Friday, October 30, 2009

Auntie Spampy

This month, my mom made a few rompers for me.
I got a pretty, brightly colored one,
and this orange and yellow one I call "Candy Corn" Then I found out something very exciting!
Our friend Lea, in Texas
went for a visit to Auntie Spampy!
And Auntie Spampy sent her back with some pretty clothes
for her and her sister Coco.
The clothes even matched Coco's Kitty Cat shoes,
and Lea and her sister Coco are cute as can be!
Apparently, Lea helped Auntie Spampy do some work.
She was a real seamstress' assistant!
She helped Auntie Spampy make some patterns,
so now Auntie Spampy can make clothes for Lati Green!
I looked at the fabrics and clothes on her website,
and I hope I can order something from Auntie Spampy
so I can wear more than just rompers this winter!

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