Friday, October 30, 2009

Auntie Spampy

This month, my mom made a few rompers for me.
I got a pretty, brightly colored one,
and this orange and yellow one I call "Candy Corn" Then I found out something very exciting!
Our friend Lea, in Texas
went for a visit to Auntie Spampy!
And Auntie Spampy sent her back with some pretty clothes
for her and her sister Coco.
The clothes even matched Coco's Kitty Cat shoes,
and Lea and her sister Coco are cute as can be!
Apparently, Lea helped Auntie Spampy do some work.
She was a real seamstress' assistant!
She helped Auntie Spampy make some patterns,
so now Auntie Spampy can make clothes for Lati Green!
I looked at the fabrics and clothes on her website,
and I hope I can order something from Auntie Spampy
so I can wear more than just rompers this winter!

The Evening Before Halloween

It is October 30, 2009.
The Evening before Halloween.
Tomorrow, I'm going to a special party
called a "Dolloween" party.
It is with the BJD Meet Up group I met a few months ago.
There are a lot of BIG Sooms.
Those are BIG BJDs with antlers and horns and hoofs.
Only one I met last time was my size.
Some of the tiny BJDs I met seemed inconsequential
compared to these larger half-human half-creatures.
It is a costume party.
I have a Minnie Mouse costume and a witch costume.
I think the BIG BJDs are already kind of scary,
even without a costume.
I wonder if they will wear scary costumes!
Should I be a scary witch?
Or be Minnie Mouse with my special ears?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sewing for Mikayla

I have been here since March 2009,
and I didn't even know my mom could sew! But yesterday,
she took out the sewing machine,
and pulled out a bunch of patterns, looking for just the right one!
She said I could pick out a pretty fabric from the box.
And she got to work cutting and sewing a romper for me.

She sewed and sewed,
until the romper was ready for a fitting.
I had pins stuck in my back, but it seemed to be working!

I asked for a belt to dress up my romper.

I wanted a fall romper.
Mom said the blue looked very pretty on me.
And red and orange and even purple are fall colors.

I don't think these colors match the pumpkin and the turkey,
and black cat and fall leaves.
Is this really a "fall romper"?

Then I remembered
the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta,
that last for a week at the beginning of October.
This year's Balloon Fiesta just ended last week.
My fall romper matches the colors of fall in New Mexico;
hot air balloons and maybe bright red chiles
and pumpkins, and the bright, blue sky!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harvest Festival Scrapbook

We kept working on my scrapbook yesterday.
(See previous entry for beginning directions).
My first fall scrapbook ended up only being about
the 2 Harvest Festivals I attended
because there were lots of pictures of both events! Wallet sized photos became the first page for each event,
labeled with the event name and date.
Mom helped me cut out real scrapbook paper
in a leaf pattern, and I glued my pictures
on the scrapbook pages in a photo album type layout.
Corrales Harvest Festival

Heritage Farm Harvest Festival

My finished scrapbook had the pages from above put in order.
The binding edge of the book was glued,
and holes were poked to thread an embroidery thread for decoration.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Scrapbook

Since mom is going to be home on vacation
for the next three weeks,
she said we could work on a project together.
Inspired by the Yahoo Group Leeann's World,
we are going to make a scrapbook together!
So far, we worked on making a back and a cover
for the scrapbook,
and are deciding which size photo to use.
Mom helped me make the cover and the back on her computer Word/Works program.
The box is a text box with a black border and light orange fill.
The boxes are 2.7 high and 3.4 wide.
I think that is in inches, but it was however the computer measured it.
The border is a black 4 pt wide border.
The pretty picture on the cover is a free clip art image
I picked out after doing a Google image search
for "pumpkin clip art".
It looked very easy to do.

The next decision is what size photo to use.
Both photos were printed from our computer
using the size selections they have for photo printing.
The big photo is wallet size. It would fit in as a page.
This is the reason the book covers are big.
The little photo is "contact" size.
It is very little to see, but my book would look like a scrapbook
instead of a photo album.
I could put words and pictures and stickers in it.
Mom also said the smaller ones should take up less ink.
Of course we will add pages of regular paper to make up our scrap book.
What do you think?

Botanical Garden Harvest Festival

On October 4th,
I went to the Harvest Festival
at the Botanical Garden, also known as the Bio Park.
The Heritage Farm
area was the center of the Harvest Festival.

Heritage Farm is an educational exhibit

of a reproduction 1930's farm in the Rio Grande Valley.
There is a farm house made from adobe.
The surrounding exhibit is a working farm
with produce grown for the animals at the zoo
and farm animals living in the barn.

Farm House

A nice lady doing colcha embroidery

was in the farm house.
She talked to us for awhile.
Colcha is a Spanish style of embroidery.

This needle-worker used tradional Spanish

patterns embroidered on a wool backing that she wove herself.

Outside, there was a special hands on exhibit
of vintage items people would use,
like an egg tray, phonograph (or victrola?),
radio, camera,
coffee grinder, nut cracker, water pump, corn shucker, etc.

The water pump was magnetic!
I was not allowed to touch the water.

I liked the old radio.
I don't know if it still worked.

Grinding stones were an important part of dinner!
The coffee grinder is behind me.

While I was looking at these neat vintage items,
a little boy was playing with a nutcracker attached
at the end of the bench.
His parents told him it was time to go,
but he kept playing with the nutcracker.
I wished the people would go away so I could see things, too.
But waiting your turn is what you have to do
when you go to a popular pubic event.

Then, I took my turn looking at the stereoscope and camera.
I sat on the edge of the table, and the little boy turned around and grabbed me!
Mom quicky snatched me back and kindly told him to look but don't touch.
I suppose that response comes from her working with children for so long,
because I would have screamed at the little boy
that it was none of his business to grab me!

Farm Thingy
that strips corn down to the cob

When I was testing out how soft the cobs were,
the farmer man showed the family with the boy
how this thingy works.
He started shooting cobs right through it,
and I had to quickly move!
At least I got a few good pictures before having to move on.

Heritage Farm Barn

The cow was much more polite
and didn't seem to mind my looking at her.

The chickens were given free range
to take themselves out for a walk.

This old tree root was so cool,
I wanted to take it home!

Mom said it was a bit big.

Heritage Farm Produce Barn
Heritage Farm also has a produce barn.
One weekend a year, apple cider is sold here.
The Harvest Festival is the weekend.
You can see them make the cider with their machines.
I got to see the machines and the "classroom" inside this barn.
We didn't buy cider.
Mom said she had her hands full with me and the camera.

Some of the apples used for the cider
are grown on site.

Sasebo Japanese Garden
This is another area, but it is right next to the farm,
and I love it!

I'll have to come back in my kimono!
The cowgirl outfit worked for the farm,
but is not quite Japanese Garden!