Saturday, August 8, 2009

Corrales, NM

Today, it was my turn to go out and play.
We went to visit the village of Corrales,
which does some very traditional New Mexico things.

First, we went to Wagner's Farm.

Green chile is showing up on the local menus,

which can only mean one thing!

Green chile crops are being harvested and roasted!

There is a new water spray system on the edge of the tin roof.
It made us wet,and soot was blowing around,
so we moved to the other side of the chile roasting.

Roasting chile has a peculiar smell!

Wagner's Farm had hay bales, too.

I look just like a country girl in my bandana print!

Satchel would love this tractor!

After we watched chile roasting at Wagner's Farm,

we went to Casa San Ysidro.

Casa San Ysidro is a restored historic rancho
now owned by the Albuquerque Museum.

The house holds contains many historic artifacts collected by the previous owners.

The wooden gate opens to a shaded courtyard.

Sunbathing on an adobe sign!

The territorial style door opens into a hallway.
The kitchen is behind the window to the right.
The living room/parlor is behind the window to the left.

This door is the front door to the inside of the house,

but visitors and tour groups use the wooden gate as an entrance.

Across the narrow road is the Church of San Ysidro.

San Ysidro is the patron saint of farmers.

The story says that an angel plowed the field

Corrales has a yearly harvest festival
and celebrates heritage day for locals
and visitors to experience
the rural, adobe, farming village of Corrales
and the history of New Mexico.

I hope I will get to come back for the Harvest Festival!
Both the church and Casa San Ysidro are open for visitors
during these special times, and host activities, booths,
and displays.

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