Friday, July 31, 2009

Teeny Beanies

I have been making new friends!
I have 3 new ones since last night.
My new friends are very happy,
because they are Beanie Babies
from McDonald's Happy Meals (current promotion). This is Orlando (our name for him).
Mom purchased him this afternoon
directly from McDonalds
by saying
"I'm collecting the Beanie Babies.
Do you have the flamingo?"
That takes guts, don't you think?
I love Orlando!
Flamingos are such characters,
according to a once upon a time friend
named Alice, who lived in Colorado.

Prince the Frog and Orlando the Flamingo are my favorites!

This is Ming the Panda.
Ming arrived with an actual Happy Meal last night.
And then mom realized she wasn't going to eat a Happy Meal
for every beanie I wanted.

Aussie the Koala was a parking lot rescue.
Mom got out of her car around lunch time, and there was Aussie,
in the very space she parked in.
She imagines a sticky fingered child
ate lunch in the car, setting Aussie too close to the door.
That is when Aussie made his escape.
Aussie got a bath.
And now Ming and Aussie are having a barbeque.
Maybe we can have a tea party next!!!

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