Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Reading

We were on our way outside,
to see if the giant mushrooms had survived
Monday Mow Day (weekly landscaping/yard work),
when we felt the tiny splash of raindrops.
Now in New Mexico, rain is a funny thing.
We have summer monsoons in July.
And those tiny drops could quickly dry up,
gradually become heavier,
or all of a sudden be a torrential downpour.
In any case, the camera and I are not equipped to play in the rain.
The sky is blue, and it looks like a summer day,
but I came inside to read for awhile.
Maybe we will watch and see if is the kind of rain
that drops a few drops
and then stops.
However, the wind is playing with the leaves in the trees,
which is a sign of "inclement weather".
I may finish this book and go onto the next.

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