Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer at the Bio Park

On July 17, I went to the Bio Park.
We approached the admissions booth,
and the cashier asked to see the "baby"
as mom held me below the window.
Did she just call me a baby?
Mom explained that TOYS
are not allowed at the Bio Park.
Even though she does not see me as a toy,
I could officially be banned!
We made our way along the sidewalk
next to the model train display.
An old man sitting on the bench
asked if mom wasn't too big to play with me!
She said I was too little to play with her!
His comment made no sense!
I think I saw an ID tag hanging around his neck,
saying that he was a member of the model train club,
giving him access to inside the exhibit.
If mom was too big to play with me,
than he was too old to play with trains!
Mom said "Hush!"
We must not be rude just because other people are.
After being noticed on my way in,
the rest of our visit was less eventful.
We saw butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion.

There were lots of pretty flowers in full bloom!

"Did you see the butterflies?"

There is a central pond in the main park area.
The Mediterranean Green House
and Ampitheater Tent are in the background.

We walked past the Produce Barn to the Heritage Farm.

One of the Four Seasons Markers.
It is summer!
(At 90 plus degrees, I hope it is summer!)


Sasebo Japanese Garden

Hertitage Farm

The Moorish Garden
This is a fountain with flower beds in it,
but the water was not on when we visited.
I got to stand in the canal where the water flows.

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