Friday, July 31, 2009

Teeny Beanies

I have been making new friends!
I have 3 new ones since last night.
My new friends are very happy,
because they are Beanie Babies
from McDonald's Happy Meals (current promotion). This is Orlando (our name for him).
Mom purchased him this afternoon
directly from McDonalds
by saying
"I'm collecting the Beanie Babies.
Do you have the flamingo?"
That takes guts, don't you think?
I love Orlando!
Flamingos are such characters,
according to a once upon a time friend
named Alice, who lived in Colorado.

Prince the Frog and Orlando the Flamingo are my favorites!

This is Ming the Panda.
Ming arrived with an actual Happy Meal last night.
And then mom realized she wasn't going to eat a Happy Meal
for every beanie I wanted.

Aussie the Koala was a parking lot rescue.
Mom got out of her car around lunch time, and there was Aussie,
in the very space she parked in.
She imagines a sticky fingered child
ate lunch in the car, setting Aussie too close to the door.
That is when Aussie made his escape.
Aussie got a bath.
And now Ming and Aussie are having a barbeque.
Maybe we can have a tea party next!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Monsoon

In case some of you were skeptical about my last claim...
these photos were taken just minutes before the wind kicked up,
the thunder started to rumble,
it grew dark,
and the asphalt in the parking lot got that wet smell.
And oh finally rained!

Summer Reading

We were on our way outside,
to see if the giant mushrooms had survived
Monday Mow Day (weekly landscaping/yard work),
when we felt the tiny splash of raindrops.
Now in New Mexico, rain is a funny thing.
We have summer monsoons in July.
And those tiny drops could quickly dry up,
gradually become heavier,
or all of a sudden be a torrential downpour.
In any case, the camera and I are not equipped to play in the rain.
The sky is blue, and it looks like a summer day,
but I came inside to read for awhile.
Maybe we will watch and see if is the kind of rain
that drops a few drops
and then stops.
However, the wind is playing with the leaves in the trees,
which is a sign of "inclement weather".
I may finish this book and go onto the next.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of Summer?

My mom is a teacher.
She said it is almost time
to go back to school!
I am not sure if I am prepared for this!

Mom took an old fashioned student desk down from a shelf.
It once belonged to the collection of Mrs. MacIntosh,
a teacher who retired from Boyd's County Schools
many years ago.
She decided to downsize
even before the economy made it fashionable.

I sat properly with my Composition Book.
The first essay was on what I did during my summer vacation.
Let me see...
I did not go to Florida!

TEACHER, I need a pencil!
Mom groaned.
Maybe it is not quite time to go back to school yet.
And it is better to enjoy summer than play school!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer at the Bio Park

On July 17, I went to the Bio Park.
We approached the admissions booth,
and the cashier asked to see the "baby"
as mom held me below the window.
Did she just call me a baby?
Mom explained that TOYS
are not allowed at the Bio Park.
Even though she does not see me as a toy,
I could officially be banned!
We made our way along the sidewalk
next to the model train display.
An old man sitting on the bench
asked if mom wasn't too big to play with me!
She said I was too little to play with her!
His comment made no sense!
I think I saw an ID tag hanging around his neck,
saying that he was a member of the model train club,
giving him access to inside the exhibit.
If mom was too big to play with me,
than he was too old to play with trains!
Mom said "Hush!"
We must not be rude just because other people are.
After being noticed on my way in,
the rest of our visit was less eventful.
We saw butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion.

There were lots of pretty flowers in full bloom!

"Did you see the butterflies?"

There is a central pond in the main park area.
The Mediterranean Green House
and Ampitheater Tent are in the background.

We walked past the Produce Barn to the Heritage Farm.

One of the Four Seasons Markers.
It is summer!
(At 90 plus degrees, I hope it is summer!)


Sasebo Japanese Garden

Hertitage Farm

The Moorish Garden
This is a fountain with flower beds in it,
but the water was not on when we visited.
I got to stand in the canal where the water flows.