Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Dancer

Look what arrived in the mail today!
I now have a leotard and tights
so I can take dance lessons! I am going to learn ballet and tap dancing.

See, I can practice dance positions!
Mom doesn't really remember them all,
but it is fun to practice being a ballerina!

I can move my arms gracefully!

I can practice talking to other dancers.

Don't I look like I'm listening?

And I can stand nicely for my portrait, too.

Don't I look sophisticated?

I hope I can dance in the Nutcracker at Christmas!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mikayla on Wheels

Look what I found in the closet! I found a blue scooter with pretty tassels!

This scooter had two wheels in back
so it was really easy to ride by myself!

Then I found a pair of old fashioned roller skates
on a pair of sneakers
that fit me just right!

I can skate by myself, too!

Scooter, Skates and Sneakers by

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Frog Prince

Mikayla went outside to play today,
and found that a friend she had met in Old Town
had followed her home. She thought, "He is such a handsome frog!"
and gave him a kiss!
Then, POOF!
Mikayla turned into a princess!

She said to herself, "Wasn't the frog supposed
to turn into a prince when I kissed him?"
Oh well, what little girl
is going to argue about being turned
into a Princess!

She asked the frog if he wanted to stay with her forever.

And of course he said "yes", because what frog could resist living with a princess?

So she named him Prince and took him home.

And they lived happily ever after.

"Do I have to wear this princess outfit forever?"

Old Town Albuquerque

Yesterday, I visited Old Town. Here I am at the San Felipe de Neri church.
It was established in 1706.
Old Town has a lot of neat tourists shops.
A store called Old Town Rug and Basket
is our favorite place for little souvenirs.

A band called the Swamp Coolers
was playing music in the plaza gazebo
on Sunday afternoon.

Everywhere I looked,
Old Town had a Route 66/Albuquerque
kind of feel to it.
Another taste of New Mexico, anyone?

The little plazuelas off the main plaza
are nooks to discover!

This fountain looks like a water well!

Another sunny plazuela,
and a little fountain!

Then Just Through the Path,
Leading to the Other Side of the Wall:

Crumbling old stucco walls and vintage New Mexico

gives way to the Albuquerque Museum.

This fountain is a part of the modern art landscaping.

Where Old Mexico Meets New Mexico

My Room

Last week,
these giant storage cubes arrived.
I was not happy to find
that Saraya and Satchel had rooms,
but I did not! I quickly showed that I could fit in a long cube.
And then I got on the internet
and expanded
The Lati House
so it would include me, too.
My room is pink and green.
I have a bed and a dresser
and a rocking chair.
And a tea set.

It isn't done yet.
But don't you think it will be pretty?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mikayla May Outside

I went outside to play the other day.
Actually, we were waiting for the UPS carrier.
The little Latis wanted their new house to arrive.
So I waited outside on the grass for a little while. When I was outside,
I met a grasshopper!
I got to pet the nice grasshopper!
I asked if I could keep the grasshopper.
Mom said yes, I could keep the grasshopper.
But apparently he was already our grasshopper.
He followed Satchel home from the toy store in Taos.
But maybe now he can be MY grasshopper.

Then I watched the sky.
It was very blue.
And there wasn't a cloud!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mikayla May's New Look

This is very different
from the way I used to look! Don't I look more mature?
A whole new girl, I'd say.
But I am still Mikayla May.

And I live in New Mexico.
Here I am visiting Josefina's World.

I think I am old enough now
to take piano lessons!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mikayla May's Before and After

Mikayla May Before
with Lati Basic Face Up

Mikayla May After
Her Trip to Leah's Spa and Salon
Leah redid her lips and cheeks,
and painted her fingernails and toenails.
Her eyes, eyebrows and eye lashes are
still from her original Lati face up.