Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leah's Spa and Salon

Dear Mom,
I am at Leah's Spa and Salon in North Carolina. I am getting my lips and checks touched up and my fingernail and toenails painted. Soon, my lips will match my bold eyes and hair and I will be even more beautiful!

This is a very busy place. Lots of girls and boys seem to come here to visit Miss Leah at her salon. I am making friends while I wait my turn with Leah. It will be well worth it to be photo ready for more adventures. I only wish she also had a tanning booth so I could be a tan Lati...
Mikayla May

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Bit Spring-ish

Now what would be the point of having a name like Mikayla May
if I never even had a blog entry in May? This pink and floral romper
is by eBay seamstress
This is in Ann Estelle 10 inch size.
I figured because it is for warm weather,
and the style is right for shorter pant length,
It would still be a good play outfit.
Original Face Up

I would really like my lips touched up
and maybe my cheeks
and fingernails and toenails
because people here have color to them.
But the Lati lip color goes with this particular outfit..