Friday, April 10, 2009

Mikayla Explores Her World and Her Wardrobe

March 18th
the Day after St. Patrick's Day.
"Don't I Look Lovely in This Necklace?"

Sunshine illuminating her eyes.

Soaking up the sun!


rolling down a grassy hill!

"Ick! I got seed pods in my hair!!!"

In the Kitchen

A Stove Just Mikayla's Size
"A little old fashioned, isn't it?"

My hip, hip, hippie
with Attitude!

Robert Tonner Ann Estelle
Hippie Outfit
replaced t-shirt and sandals

Tree Climbing

Mikayla and Myles
Mikayla reminds me of my
character, PilarStarShine.
Pilar has red/orange tuffs of hair
and blue eyes.

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