Friday, April 10, 2009

Introducing Mikayla May

Mikayla May is a Lati Green size BJD
in the Coco face mold.
I was surprised when she arrived
with this strawberry blond wig, which I did not order!
She is quite cute! I changed her Lati blue eyes
to Masterpiece gray/blue eyes.
(Don't you love BJD bald heads?)

And gave her a reddish brown mohair wig.
(Mikayla: No, I don't love the bald head!)

Mikayla May with her Lati Yellow SP family:

Mikayla and Satchel are "normal" colored resin
with blue/gray eyes.
Saraya is "tan" resin with brown eyes.

This is the beautiful girl who is now wearing the strawberry blond wig:

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