Friday, April 10, 2009

Mikayla Explores Her World and Her Wardrobe

March 18th
the Day after St. Patrick's Day.
"Don't I Look Lovely in This Necklace?"

Sunshine illuminating her eyes.

Soaking up the sun!


rolling down a grassy hill!

"Ick! I got seed pods in my hair!!!"

In the Kitchen

A Stove Just Mikayla's Size
"A little old fashioned, isn't it?"

My hip, hip, hippie
with Attitude!

Robert Tonner Ann Estelle
Hippie Outfit
replaced t-shirt and sandals

Tree Climbing

Mikayla and Myles
Mikayla reminds me of my
character, PilarStarShine.
Pilar has red/orange tuffs of hair
and blue eyes.

Spring at the Bio Park

The first day of Spring Break at the end of March,
Mikayla went on her first outing.
We went in search of Spring at the Bio Park.The Bio Park has several exhibit areas.
We started our adventure in the Children's Garden,
which has garden plants, animals and structures
done in magical, oversized formations.
It gives children the impression of being in
"Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"
The entrance looks like going through an underground tunnel,
complete with "roots" and other interesting replicas along the walls.

Walk into this nook, and the sensor for the space
sets a large bee buzzing.
The watering can is a fountain in the summer.
To a doll, large scale items are unnecessary!
Everything is large to my companions!
I usually try and find things that "fit" their size!

A large acorn is out of season with the spring greenery.

I love the pumpkin!

There is a foam floor inside,
with netting and "seeds" hanging from the ceiling.

We found a "potato" and other large vegetables like carrots and beets

in the children's garden
on the way out of this exhibit.

This fountain in the Moorish Garden
has a flower bed.
By summer, the fountain will be on,
and the flowers will be thick.
This day, there was plenty of room for Mikayla.

Walking past the green houses,
there are more local plants.
The roadrunner, our state bird,
added to our visit!
It probably lives in the vegetation in this area
as I've seen one here before.

The roadrunner grabs a meal by the saguaro ramada.

Cactus and cactus sculpture.

On to Sasebo Japanese Garden!

The Japanese Garden is landscaped
around a waterfall and large pond.
Water, water, water!


Pond and Bridge

Bridge and waterfall from further along the path.

Pretty, blooming spring flower!

This reminds me of an opening heart.

A stream flowing back into the pond.

Leaving Sasebo...
the train has looped through the Heritage Farm
and is headed back to Tingley Beach.
Mikayla waves at the passengers!

Potted flowers in front of the Heritage Farm barn.

More flowers!
Notice the water drops on the spider web.

In search of the perfect spring portrait!

Introducing Mikayla May

Mikayla May is a Lati Green size BJD
in the Coco face mold.
I was surprised when she arrived
with this strawberry blond wig, which I did not order!
She is quite cute! I changed her Lati blue eyes
to Masterpiece gray/blue eyes.
(Don't you love BJD bald heads?)

And gave her a reddish brown mohair wig.
(Mikayla: No, I don't love the bald head!)

Mikayla May with her Lati Yellow SP family:

Mikayla and Satchel are "normal" colored resin
with blue/gray eyes.
Saraya is "tan" resin with brown eyes.

This is the beautiful girl who is now wearing the strawberry blond wig: